GNR Energy develops greenfield utility scale onshore wind power projects. Choosing an appropriate site for a wind farm is critical to a successful project and involves assessing wind speed, site terrain, the local community and environment, and relevant public policies, as well as determining the appropriate wind turbine technology.

All steps of wind project development that are necessary for receiving a Generation License for the project are carried out by us. The main development steps are as follows:

   - Wind resource assessment with available maps and data

   - Selection of project site

   - On-site meteo measurements (as required by the regulation)

   - Completion of approval of the measurement report

   - Preliminary micrositing and yield estimations

   - Feasibility and financial projection studies

   - Completion of environmental approval

   - Pre-license and License applications

   - Analysis of connection to the grid

   - Completion of zone planning

   - Permits and approvals

We define specific requirements for each technical aspect of the project and strictly apply them during our works. Our high standard projects have a well-deserved reputation before our customers.